Friends : The Alternate Family


Who are Friends, whom do you call a friend, what’s the definition of friend!!!! Ever wondered what will our life become if there weren’t any friends in our life!!

I did a survey for all those questions and there is one common answer for them. They can be anyone who teach you how to live life, how to have fun. They are the people who always have your back and confide in you.

Some even made a full form of Friend : First Relation In Earth which Never Dies (F.R.I.E.N.D).

According to people, there are three kind of friend :

  1. Best friend
  2. Close friend
  3. Just friend

According to them, a Best Friend is a person who you can believe, trust them blindly, with whom you can share your deepest and darkest secrets; a close friend is someone whom we can confide in without having to think once before sharing secrets; a Just Friend type friends are just “hi”, “hello” type.

What do u think would be your worst nightmare : waking up having no friend or waking up having no internet, no gadgets?

Most will chose the first and some “exceptional ones” will chose the latter. I don’t know about you but just imagining the life with no friends gives me chill! Without them, life will be even worse than hell, that’s what I think and probably most of our readers will think the same.

How all these qualities make friends a family? Let’s take an analogy, what our family teaches us? Moral values, ethics, respecting others, discipline and most importantly they ADVISE us about how to live life. Now what our friends teach us? Moral values, ethics, respecting others and most importantly they TEACH US how to live life.

They make you familiar with the cruel world and help in facing this harsh world we dwell in!  They teach us all the things that our family can’t.

On a humorous note, we abuse our them, sometimes we insult them too and we even “cross a line” few times. But that doesn’t makes them enemies, it tells us how strong our bond is.

Most common line between friends : Why do you need en enemy when you have a friend like me!!

They are family because a family isn’t defined by blood relation. Infact family is what we feel connected to. Isn’t this the reason we call our friends, “brother/sister from another mother”.

That’s why I call our friends a second family or more like

Friends : The Alternate Family



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