One Nation One Election

One Nation One Election

One Nation, One Election means one-time election for the whole nation. For India it means no separate elections for Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

In a recent interview PM Modi said that there are too much elections held India which means a lot of money being wasted in elections. Even a holiday or half day is declared on the day of election which even reduces the economy of India. And in order to reduce the losses there should be simultaneous elections.

Later, even the president Pranab Mukherjee gave a nod to this idea by supporting PM. On the contrary, experts suggest that this concept of “one nation one election” may not work in nation as vast as India. According to them, there is a possibility that people may vote for the same party for different posts. Even the regional parties will have the major disadvantage.

This may be possible if all the parties agree to this concept for simultaneous elections fro centre and state govt.

PM Modi even said that too much elections are hampering the development of India. The problem with Indian Citizens is that we believe in principle not in practice.

We just have to wait and see what will be the decision of nation.



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