Gurmehar Kaur : A Girl who was Misjudged and a Victim of Political regime

Last month a series of events happened which divided the whole nation in two parts (based on opinion): Supporters and Adversaries.

I assume you know “what series of events” I am talking about. Yeah, I am talking about the events surrounding Gurmehar Kaur.


Gurmehar Kaur, a 20-year-old student of the Lady Shri Ram College in Delhi, joined a social media campaign against the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) after violent clashes at Delhi University’s Ramjas College last week.

As part of the ‘Fightback DU’ campaign, Gurmehar Kaur’s online post saying, “I am not afraid of ABVP,” received many messages of support, but was trolled with threatening messages. Gurmehar, whose father died fighting militants in Jammu and Kashmir in 1999, finally withdrew from the campaign, and left Delhi.



In 2016, she uploaded a video to give a social message regarding peace between India and Pakistan and her father died in the war. However, as you all know her whole message did not divide the nation but a part of it did which said, “Pakistan didn’t kill my dad, War did”.

Here is the link for the Video :

This was a little briefing about her.

Now let us talk about opinion of the nation. People were saying this is just another publicity stunt like previous one (JNU incident), she was trolled by celebrities and other trollers and even threatened by ABVP. A friend of mine on Facebook even said that ISIS/ISI is involved in this matter to distract our youth.

On the contrary, some people were supporting her too; chief editor of Hindustan Times was in her favor and part of social media too. There was a huge debate on her whether she was right or not; Is there any politics involved?

You must be wondering why I am writing this article, you already know all this; also did I support her at that time or not.

First of all let us take a view on some facts:

  1. When she uploaded the video in 2016, then why did the video resurfaced in Feb, 2017.
  2. Had she said, “China didn’t kill my dad, War did”, would be the situation like this?
  3. Why did she become the sole target of ABVP?
  4. Most importantly if she had complete knowledge about the Indian history, would have been the situation come up to this?

Therefore, yes, I did support her but not completely…I supported her partially because she wasn’t absolutely right. She had incomplete knowledge of Indian history and didn’t know the absolute meaning of war.

War is mutual where both countries/parties/section fight. Kargil wasn’t war, it was attack (by Pakistan) and defend (by India);which means her father didn’t die in war, her father died in defending the pride of India. She was wrong here…absolutely wrong!

One can easily say there was a whole lot of politics going on at that time. A campaign was going against ABVP and Gurmehar Kaur was supporter of that campaign. Therefore, ABVP needed to create a divergence that they did by resurfacing the video. They would have targeted someone else but since it was a social media campaign and seeing that Gurmehar had many followers that made her leading supporter of the campaign. ABVP used this as their advantage and by resurfacing her video they made her their victim. Thus, ABVP killed two birds with one stone.

We all know when it comes to India vs Pakistan, or if somehow Pakistan is involved, it becomes a sensitive topic…A huge one that if you lift a thin stick, it will ultimately become a baseball bat. That’s why most of the writers and debaters don’t interfere in matters involving India and Pakistan.

Therefore, I would like you to ask just one question: Had she said, “China didn’t kill my dad, War did”, would be the situation like this? I will say nope, the situation would never have been like this, probably people wouldn’t have given a damn about it!

In addition, if she had given this message to Pakistan instead of India she would have been praised not criticised.

Nevertheless, is she really the one to be blamed alone? Aren’t we as criticisers not to be blamed for not understanding the depth of the message she was trying to convey

Why many really supported her because they understood the emotions behind her message, the depth of the message that can be taken as a global message.

  • As she was trying to give a message, a peaceful one :

No war means no widows no child has to grow up without a father or a father would have to grow old without a son.


{My apologies if this article hurts someone sentiments, it was unintentional.}


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