Deltech Baja, a tech team of DTU, all set to compete at International platform

Deltech Baja, a technical team of Delhi Technological University, makes ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) is fully prepared to compete at Baja SAE 2017 event in Illinois USA. The team consists of 25 members, all undergraduates led by the team captain Aseem Raghav.

The goal of DelTech Baja is to design, build and race off road vehicle that can withstand the harshest elements of rough terrain and whose design can be used by a firm to manufacture the vehicle commercially. This All-Terrain Vehicle can be used to negotiate different terrains consisting of swamps, rocky areas, hills, shallow water, logs, steep incline, mud etc. The vehicle design can be well incorporated in the real world .

DelTech Baja has been the pioneer in BAJA Racing in India – debuting way back in Mini Baja South Africa in 2003. The project originates out of the fundamental technology taught in the curriculum and other specialized know-how within the college.

Ahead of the Baja SAE 2017 event in Illinois USA, a technical team DelTech Baja of undergraduate students of Delhi Technological University has put all of their resources and manpower together to outrun international Baja teams at Illinois. Baja SAE is an intercollegiate design competition run by the Society of Automotive Engineers .

Teams of students from university all over the world design and build small off road cars. DelTech Baja is always a tough competitor in national as well as in international events .In 2016 BSI, they scored 4th rank in design event. Being the oldest Baja team in all of Asia, the core of DelTech Baja are students committed to engineering excellence. This commitment is shown throughout the design and manufacture of our vehicle, leading us to become one of the top teams in the series.

Their drive to be the best encompasses more than competition performance. Motorsports at their core are about working as a team and building camaraderie and take more pride in being good sportsmen than manufacturing a great vehicle. Each year, a new car is designed and fabricated which culminates with the new vehicle participating in Baja SAE India, Enduro Student India and Baja SAE USA.

Good Luck to the team, hope they do well at the event and make us proud


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